Classic Frat Bros
Larry David (Creator of Seinfeld and Funniest Dude on Earth) Pledged


Took this from Barstoolu, so we’ll get that out of the way. This might not even be his composite photo, but my guess is that it is. As the U pointed out, wow, what happened to this guy? My best guess is that he was balding by his Soph year of College and rocked a toupee… look at that mop… it makes sense. I don’t know how toupees work, but I’m guessing that girls never guessed that he was a bald bro and never tried yanking that rug off his head. Assuming that, I bet he was tossing his meat wrench into every chick walking. Let this be a lesson to you females out there, marry a Jewish American for the prospect of him ending up rich, not for the prospect of him ending up being handsome in old age.  (And don’t bet on them being funny like Larry David, it’s my opinion that old Jewish guys aren’t really that funny).

Mr. David was a Tau Epsilon Phi at University of Maryland, and furthermore, he used his Fraternity Bros as inspiration for a bunch of his characters on Curb Your Enthusiasm

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